Teaching approach

The Basic training

Learning Lions offers the students a structured learning plan with a specific time-frame and clear learning objectives.In the first 3 months learning period they undergo a curriculum, developed by our partner organization Tunapanda aimed to take people with little or no computer skills to a comparable level of young adults in the developed world who had much earlier access to computers. Each student is personally supported and involved in monitoring his learning progress assessed throughout the training period via examinations. In order to be eligible for promotion to the next level, and to start a 3 months internship at Startup Lions, he must pass a final examination successfully.Courses are delivered by a combination of local and overseas teachers seconded via university partnerships (i.e students who have completed their studies), volunteer programs and corporate CSR programs (i.e. professionals seeking short-term sabbaticals).Another very important aspect of this training are the soft skills. Communication, Teamwork, Time management and presentation skills are boosted.

The Advanced training

Those students who performed well in the basic training are then invited to stay on campus as trainees. They will use code academy and similar courses to advance on their skills. Additional to that, they are grouped in teams of 3 to 10 members, for instructor-led task-based learning.Thanks to the help of volunteers, trainees learn how to deliver against a client’s objective within a specific time frame and collect feedback on the quality of their work and project management ability. Trainees also build up a portfolio of references showcasing their quality. This will set the foundation for their path to entrepreneurship and will help them to set up their own little business in a subsequent step with Startup Lions.

The Disciplines Taught include:

  • Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Database module SQL
  • Digital Video and Film Production (Adobe premiere, After Effect)
  • Digital Sound and Music Production (Cubase, Adobe Audition)
  • Robotics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi)

Apply to Learning Lions

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Unfortunatly at the moment we can only accept students from Turkana County (being born in Turkana or having lived there for three continuous years).