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Learning Lions offers you free ICT training as a young talent from Turkana and a clear path to becoming a successful digital professional. The first training is Mobile LEAP, which is all about learning, earning and problem-solving. It will introduce you to all the great resources available via smartphones. You are introduced to coding, website creation, design, audio, video, photography, etc. Additionally, personal and professional development skills are emphasized such as growth mindset, communication, teamwork and time management. This training is led by experienced peer trainers. If you complete Mobile LEAP successfully, you may get the chance to continue with our advanced follow-up trainings, and enjoy up to one full year of high-quality IT education.

life & accommodation

During our training, you will live on our Startup Lions ICT Campus in Loropio, at the shore of Lake Turkana, 30min north of Kalokol. You receive free basic full‐board including meals and accommodation. You will have to strictly respect the rules of the Learning Lions boarding facility. Like all our students, you will get a small weekly stipend that can increase based on improvements in certain skills. We reward your progress and good study. If you are a young woman with children aged 2-4 years old, we at Learning Lions can help you with day care service free of charge for your children. On our campus, there is some basic facilities like a market, a canteen and a small dispensary.

Derrick Nginya

Graphic Designer, Tech Trainer & Training Lead.

  My name is Derrick Nginya, born and raised in Lodwar. I joined Learning Lions in 2016 as a trainee and through the training, I acquired graphic design & leadership skills. Over the years I have been mentored in management and taught classes in Basic Training. Through Learning Lions, I have been trained in curriculum design & development. Currently, I teach during training and mentor upcoming Lions taking up teaching and training management roles within the organization. I am grateful to Learning Lions for making me part of this great course of impacting the youths in my community with 21st-century knowledge & skills in ICT.

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Our applications are open this February 2024 and will close on the 29th at midnight; anyone born in Turkana or having lived there for the last 5 years can apply now. Females are highly encouraged to apply. For questions regarding the application please email

Thank you for your interest in training at Learning Lions. Our current application period is now closed. We will be having an intake until May, so keep an eye on our website and social media where we will notify everyone when the application is open.


Upon review of your application, you may be invited to participate in either an in-person interview or a virtual interview.

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