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At Learning Lions we educate young people, from impoverished and isolated areas of East Africa, in IT and business skills. The young talents are empowered to become economically independent, through their own effort and work, by providing digital services to clients all around the world. We show them a clear path to entrepreneurship, and support them all the way. In doing so, they can join the global digital economy to earn a living and boost their communities.

In these first years of existence, we have achieved proof-of-concept for our educational and empowerment program. And we have seen the power of digital literacy to change lives first hand. Now is the time to scale up in Turkana and beyond. We can do more: offer digital vocational training for more and larger cohorts of talented individuals. There are many waiting to enter the program. You can help us to make it happen. Thank you!

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how to donate

Donate online

Use the Donation form on the right, for anybody who doesn’t need a donation receipt. If you need a German donation receipt, please fill in your address in the form.

Bank transfer

You can also make a direct wire/bank transfer to our account. Kindly include your full address if you need a German donation receipt. If you are happy to receive it via eMail, include both eMail and physical address.

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If you need a tax-receipt for the US or UK, you can donate through GlobalGiving. We are proud to be amongst the top-ranked organization on this platform.

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what our donors say

Dr. Goetz

  Seeing the progress of the young Kenyan talents proves that every Euro spent is well invested.



Content creator, Artist and Entrepreneur

  Through the skills acquired, I can earn, innovate and empower young women in Turkana and beyond.

other ways to support


Spend between two and six months in one of the most remote areas of Eastern Africa supporting young talents to become digital professionals. We are looking for coders, designers and other creatives and techies, but can also need support in other fields such as project management or even construction and maintenance.

Work with lions

The most sustainable way to support our lions? Hire them, on eye-level. Be it as a freelancer or through our Fair Trade creative agency Digital Lions, our creative talents are there to work with you. Check out their portfolios and contact us today.

100km hike for digital jobs

Join us for the annual Löwenmarsch in Bavaria on the first September weekend! Hike 100km in 24hrs through scenic routes alongside castles and more. Engage your family, friends, and colleagues to support you with a donation pledge per km.

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