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the world's first fair trade digital agency

Digital Lions is the world’s first Fair Trade verified digital agency, offering a wide range of creative services from websites, logos, social media content, flyers and brochures to videos and 2D animation. The agency operates from a solar-powered IT campus at the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya, and is supported by professional volunteers from around the world for quality assurance purposes. Through its sister organisation Learning Lions, Digital Lions also actively invests in the education of creative talents in the region. Digital Lions is a Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprise, fully verified by WFTO since 2021, as well as a recognised supplier of the German Fair Trade Association (Weltladen Dachverband).


Designer, Digital Lions

  Being born and raised in Kakuma refugee camp I didn’t expect that we do have a career path called ‘Graphic Design’. Now I am working at Digital Lions, the very first digital agency verified by the World Fair Trade Organization as their Graphic Designer, helping the world build successful brands.

remote internship program

Want to combine fresh new ideas with social impact & corporate social responsibility? Then why not hire a remote intern from our talent pool?

  We took the opportunity to work with one of the graphic design Lions as a remote intern for three months. The collaboration worked great via video calls, we were even able to give the intern his first small concrete client projects after some time and he learned important skills from our team for his daily work as a freelance graphic designer – thus a successful collaboration for all involved.


extend your team with lion apprentices

Through the Lion Apprenticeship Program, you can tap into our talent-pool and build your remote team on our ICT Campus. Profit from our groundwork in terms of screening and pre-qualifying talents. Make use of our IT campus infrastructure with excellent working conditions, designed specifically for digital remote work. You can train our talents for your specific skillsets, either remote or onsite. We make it easy for you to build a new team. Sounds interesting? Reach out today.

Basic training students with their design trainer Adan_Etubon

  At Cocomore, as providers of services in IT, creativity and strategy, we work with international teams. Therefore, we strongly feel about Fair Trade in the services sector. Globalisation should be more than playing the regional differences in labour cost. It should reduce these differences, providing ever more equality in wealth and quality of life around the globe. The Startup Lions brilliantly contribute to this objective. They are a beacon for Fair Trade in professional services. It is an honour for us to cooperate with them and to share their vision and mission. At the same time, we are delighted about the top talent that the Lions are bringing to Cocomore.


Bernard Mbugua working

hire our lions directly

Are you looking for a new remote support team? Do you have a part-time or full-time role to fill in the domains of website creation, website, maintenance, social media, design or other IT and communication work? Make use of our great pool of pre-screened and qualified talent! Send us your job ad and we will distribute through our graduate and alumni networks. We can also support you with hiring talent locally here in Kenya, so you don’t have any hassle with that. Reach out today.

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