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Q1. How did you hear about Learning Lions? (select one)

Q2. What is the highest level of education you have completed? (select one)

Q3. Have you been diagnosed as suffering from any type of physical or mental impairment? (Select one)

Q4. Did you finish your education? (select one)

  If no: What prevented you from continuing with your education? (please select one or many)

Q5. How interested are you in learning more about: Graphic and web design? (select one)

Q6. How interested are you in learning more about: Computer programming? (select one)

Q7. How interested are you in learning more about: Film and Video editing? (select one)

Q8. How interested are you in learning more about Web Development? (select one)

Q9. Can you commit to stay for 6 weeks to campus and are you willing to put in at least 40 hours per week for courses and private study? (select one)

Q10. Would you be able to pay 3000 ksh commitment deposit that can be earned back simply by attending classes on time, paying attention, and participating in session activities? (select one)

Q11. Do you have children aged 2-4 years old and require help from Learning Lions to help you facilitate care during the day for them, so that you can attend classes from 8.30am to 7pm? (select one)

Q12. Why are you interested in joining the Learning Lions 6-week Mobile LEAP program?

Q13. Why is having knowledge and skills in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) important?

Q14. Please describe your previous experience using computers/technology.

Q15. What is something or someone in technology that inspires you?

Q16. What is something that you have accomplished that you are very proud of?

Q17. What are your future plans in 2-3 years time from now?

Q18. How do you plan to use the skills that you have learned at Learning Lions after the course is finished?

Q19. Do you have drawing, photography, film or any other creative skills? (select one)

Thank you for your interest in training at Learning Lions. Our current application period is now closed. We will be having an intake until May, so keep an eye on our website and social media where we will notify everyone when the application is open.

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