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Learning Lions is a non-profit organisation enabling young adults in marginalised rural communities of East Africa to become digital creatives and live a life full of (digital) opportunity, right from their home regions.

our mission

Learning Lions is a digital empowerment program, providing opportunities to learn, earn and innovate for young adults in rural Kenya.

We started off in 2015 in Turkana County, Northern Kenya, where traditional sources of income are extremely limited due to its semi-arid environment, poor infrastructure and remote location. We have built an ICT model campus at the shores of Lake Turkana in 2020. Our vision is to bring such digital centers of opportunities to many other marginalised communities. Our concept is: if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere.

a wholistic path to digital opportunity

Talented youth


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Learning Lions offers a 1-year digital training program for Africa’s rural youth. The programs are split into 3 Levels. All starts with “Mobile LEAP”, a 6-week intensive peer-led digital literacy bootcamp which introduces youths to technology while emphasizing personal and professional development skills needed for the digital age. Level 2 is an 8 weeks follow-up program and consists of 3 separate tracks: tech, creative and business. Finally, Level 3 is an 8-month autodidactic training to specialise in a track, bring students up to a professional level, and connect them to volunteer mentors from the industry.

Work in an agency   

Work in an agency    ∨

Digital Lions

To support access to international markets for the graduates from our training program, Digital Lions was founded as a digital outsourcing agency. Digital Lions is the world’s first Fair Trade verified digital agency, offering a wide range of creative services from websites, logos, image editing, flyers and brochures to videos and 2D animation. The team is assisted and mentored by a team of high-profile international professionals remotely and on-site.

Startup      -    Freelancer   

Freelancer    ∨

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Startup Lions

In 2020 the solar-powered and eco-friendly Startup Lions ICT Campus, designed by Africa’s leading architect and Pritzker price winner Francis Kéré, opened its doors right at the shores of Lake Turkana. It offers housing, coworking space, entrepreneurship training, and more. The campus can host up to 300 lions and is also open to international digital nomads and entrepreneurs who want to develop projects and build startups or outsourcing teams with our Lions.

International Clientele



Front-end developer & Training Co-Lead

  Hi, I am Joan Obunge, born in Kisumu but raised in Lodwar. Growing up, I always wanted to be a nurse, but one day my dream changed when I started to develop an interest in computers and how I could change the world using the device. When I got the opportunity of joining Learning Lions, I was very excited. I learned both technical and soft skills. Now I want to be among the best designers in the world. From a shy girl to a confident lady, I thank Learning Lions and Tech Dada – the Girls empowerment program at Learning Lions. Thank you for the opportunity!

the training: from basic to advanced


Mobile Leap

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At the Loropio campus as well as for other organisations at their facilities, Learning Lions offers a 6-week bootcamp called Mobile LEAP - Learning Earning and Problem-solving. Mobile LEAP empowers young people to leap into the future of work by harnessing the power of tools and resources available via smartphones. Trainees are introduced to coding, website creation, design, audio, video, photography, etc. Additionally, personal and professional development skills are emphasized such as growth mindset, communication, teamwork and time management. This training is led by experienced peer trainers. Mobile LEAP lays the foundations for the Level 2 and 3 training, which 10 to 20% of those that complete it will be invited to attend.

Advanced Training

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The greatest talents and performers of the Mobile LEAP training are invited to stay on campus to join the 2nd level of training for 8 weeks. They will now specialize in a specific area of technology: tech, creative or business.In the third and final level, trainees for 8-months learn in an assisted-autodidact learning approach on a set of curriculum modules that go into deeper specifics for their area of specialization. This will help them acquire concrete skills with high demand on global IT markets. Trainees work on a final ‘gig’ similar to what they would encounter on freelancing platforms and will give a final pitch and demonstration of their work to their peers and mentors.
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our impact

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Our dedicated Financial and Impact Report can be found here.

how to support


Your donation helps to scale our IT and empowerment training to more young talents in Turkana and beyond. It will allow us to expand our ICT Campus in Kenya, and to multiply our operations and our impact into other regions.


Spend between two and six months in one of the most remote areas of Eastern Africa mentoring our young talents on their way to become entrepreneurs on the global digital market. We are mainly looking for coders, designers and other creatives and techies, but can also need support in a wide range of other fields ranging from project management up to construction and maintenance.

Work with lions

The most sustainable way to support our lions? Hire them, on eye-level. Be it as a freelancer or through our Fair Trade creative agency Digital Lions, our creative talents are there to work with you. Check out their portfolios and contact us today.

lion Trail

Join us in the LÖWENMARSCH (Lions Trail) to support digital education in Kenya. Hike a distance that works for you and ask friends and family to donate for every kilometer. Let’s make a difference together!

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